In case of emergency, call 911.

Before you conduct a controlled burn in Callaway County, please call
592-2486 and report the date and time planned for your burn. Once you make this call the fire departments will be aware of your plans. Without the call, we will probably assume the smoke is from a structure fire, which requires an immediate, full response.

We are concerned for the safety of both our firefighters and our citizens. Any time your firefighters respond with lights and sirens it increases the chances of an accident. We always run "code" when someone's house might be on fire. As you know, the fire first responders are all volunteers, and we are your friends and neighbors. We are on-call 24/7 as you need us. Please keep in mind that we also have families, need to cut grass, rake leaves, and relax. As first responders we will stop whatever we are doing and come to your aid. For our safety and yours we need your help reducing the number of emergency runs for false-alarms.

If a burn ever gets out of control, do not hesitate to CALL 911